The woman at Restaurant ask another Trump official to resign from its post

The woman at Restaurant ask another Trump official to resign from its post

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt was confronted by a woman at a Washington restaurant. She called him to resign from his post. This is the second time a Trump official is asked to resign from the President’s administration while dining out.

The video of the whole encounter was posted on the Facebook page of Kristin Mink that happen with the Environment Protection Agency. He said that he was 3 tables away from her eating his lunch with her child and she was urged to say something.

Mink who is high school teacher according to her Facebook page is, told Pruitt “I just want to urge you to resign because of what you're doing to the environment," 

In the video, she was holding a toddler in her hand and said, "We deserve to have somebody at the EPA who actually does protect our environment, somebody who believes in climate change and takes it seriously for the benefit of all of us, including our children,"

It is Pruitt’s mission to slash environment regulation since he took over his duties in the EPA.

Mink said, "So, I would urge you to resign before your scandals push you out," who was also going through some notes while talking in the video.

Pruitt was even alleged for using his position in order to seek employment for his wife and receive a discounted condo rental that links the lobbying firm. He was under the scandals for a long time now. He simply didn’t respond to anything and by the end of the video, he fled from the restaurant before the lady even gets back to her seat.

He is not the first official under Trump that has to go through the public humiliation and being a backlash at a restaurant.

Even Sarah Sanders spokeswomen White house was also asked to leave a restaurant in Virginia when the senior White House aide Stephen Miller was branded as a fascist by an angry patron while she was visiting downtown Mexican eatery.

And we simply can’t forget how the Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen quickly exited when the leftist stated to protest march into another restaurant in Mexico while chanting Shame. She was even confronted by some angry activists at her home in Alexandria suburb area.

Well, people are not at all happy with the Trump Administration and if anything these is merely the small proof.

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