These comments of Uma Bharti show why she should be the next dialogue writer of Shahrukh Khan's next movie

Do you think today’s Bollywood movies’ dialogues are dull? Are you planning to sell your Television set? Well, instead of selling your television set, try changing your television channel. Change it from some Bollywood movie channel to any News channel. And if you are lucky enough and get the chance to see Uma Bharti talking, chances are high that you will drop your plan of selling the television. Wonder why?


Here are some Comments of Uma Bharti which will show why she should be the next dialogue writer of Shahrukh Khan's next movie :



“There is no temple in Medina, no Mosque in the Vatican, Why should there be any Mosque in Ayodhya?”

 Tum nahi samjhoge Rahul, replied Supreme Court in a timid voice.


“Any discussion on building a Mosque near the Ram Temple in Ayodhya could make Hindus “Intolerant” even though they are the “most tolerant community” in the world”

 Remember Rahul saying Palat, Palat, Palat? Indirectly, here Uma is saying to Hindus, Bhadak Bhadak Bhadak.



"Congress should quit the habit of dividing the country in the name of religion"

Irony died many lives. But Uma doesn't care. Maybe irony is from “Minority community”. No wonder Uma don't care.



Bonus dialogue of Uttar Pradesh deputy Chief Minister:


“No power can stop the construction of Ram Temple.”

Why would any power try to stop you, Sir? Even powers know the concept of ‘kisi chij ko poori shiddat se chaho to poori kaynaat aapko usse milane me lag jati h.’


After all these years, do you still fancy K...K...K…. Kiran? Do you still think mere Karan-Arjun wapis aaenge? Do you still shout Mandir wahin banaenge?



Above written should be read on a lighter note. While writing the article, Author's only intention was to make people laugh, not to get himself in jail.

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