Three cameras in next iPhone, photos leaked on Twitter

Three cameras in next iPhone, photos leaked on Twitter

They say Apple is the most innovative company. And many times, Apple has launched a campaign called ‘Think Different’. Well, it is speculated (or leaked) that the thing Apple has thought ‘differently’ is bringing three cameras, instead of two. Drum Rolls.
A reliable tipster (Onleaks on Twitter) has leaked the new features of next iPhone. Onleaks said that the next iPhone will come in market with a three-camera array. However, it is not clear what these three cameras will offer. The latest Iphone XS and XS max offer dual cameras, one wide-angle camera and one 2x optical zoom snapper.

On Saturday, Onleaks tweeted, “Excitement level over 9000!!! I wish I could show you what I just saw but unfortunately, I can’t right now…”

It is speculated that three new iPhones will be released by Apple in September 2019.
Tech site Digit was quoted saying, “OnLeaks claims the 2019 iPhones are still in Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage, and there could be changes in the details when the phones will eventually launch in September 2019.”
So, for Apple hardcore fans, there is no need to throw a party as it might not be the final design. There are chances that Apple will redesign this three-camera array.

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