True sportsmanship showed by Parthiv Patel by keeping personal life aside in a game

True sportsmanship showed by Parthiv Patel by keeping personal life aside in a game

Parthiv Patel is going a tough time with his father in the hospital under serious condition. He planned to skip the game and be with his family but he knew that his father will never approve of it and hence he is still with his team giving his best. There is no doubt that whenever he might be holding the phone after his IPL performance, he had a difficult time while reaching to his family.
His father is in the hospital for the brain hemorrhage in Ahmedabad, his hometown. He said in an interview that he dreads to hear bad news while checking up his phone. “I just hope and pray that there is no bad news from the doctors,”
In February, when the matches were about to start, Patel took Twitter as his friend and shared the news with his fans. “Pls keep my father in ur prayers. He is suffering from a brain hemorrhage,” Now, even after two months, the condition of his father Ajay, is not well and he has being in and out of coma throughout the time. Patel is currently going through a difficult and hectic time with his father in the hospital and IPL struggle. He is even visiting his father frequently that is a step ahead. He visits his father and joined his team for the game the very next day.
He said, “When I am playing, nothing crosses my mind, but once a game is over, my heart is at home. The day begins by asking about my father’s progress, keeping in touch with doctors, sometimes I have to take some important decisions. My wife and mother are at home but when it comes to taking any final decision, my approval is sought. The initial phase was critical – should we switch off the ventilator for a few days, or how much oxygen should be given. Such decisions are very tough to take.”
He added, “I remember the day he suddenly fell down. The next 12 days, I was there in ICU, I didn’t even go home for 10 days. The Mushtaq Ali tournament was happening then and I missed a lot of games. We don’t have mobile phones when we are playing. Once I’m involved in the match, any thought of home doesn’t cross my mind but once the game is over and I’m back in the dressing room, I am constantly thinking about my father,”

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