Trump and Kim –two sides of the same coin

Trump and Kim –two sides of the same coin

Donald trump the president of the most powerful nation in the world, got elected amidst great hues and cries as he was not thought of as a suitable candidate. It was definitely a tough call as his famous tweets didn’t stop even after becoming the president. Slowly Donald Trump gain hold of the power of state and he is at present facing one of the biggest challenges that America has faced since times immemorial. The nuclear threat by the North Korean leader Kim-Jong Un has been the matter of huge concern not only for the us but for the whole world.

The recent heated exchange of words between the two leaders is enough to add fuel to the already burning fire. The so called nuclear buttons on the desks of these two leaders are a threat to humanity in very possible way. The two countries are at loggerheads with each other and when it comes to showing the way North Korean leader leaves no stone unturned. He is a dictator who just wishes to brag about his power irrespective of the fact that his country at present instead of nuclear weapons needs food, employment and other basic necessities of life which might not be the case with USA.

For the first time after so many years a formal meet is on the cards of two leaders. The whole world is eyeing this meet and everyone is pinning hopes on these two leaders for world peace. Kim Jong has already started the series of meetings beginning with china after so many years and in what is termed as historic in the sense he is meeting the South Korean leader after decades. It is believed that the talks are taking place to end the decade long hostility between the two countries. It can also be the reason that since UN have stopped all sanctions to the Korean nation due to violation of comprehensive treaty to ban testing of nuclear weapons; the Korean nation is finding it standing alone in the crowd. It is posted by us dept that the secret meet that took place between the US official and Kim Jong has been termed very fruitful and has paved the way for the trump-Jong meet which is considered of high importance.

After the end of second world war Korea wanted to establish independence from the Japanese rule but due to being fully industrialized and strategic border placements us wanted a full hand in the governance and also the need to spread of communism was their first motive and all that resulted in division of the country, where north Korea became soviet backed Regime and south Korea became us backed democracy. As they say wars always leads to unhappy endings and so was the case with the Korean countries though Russia and other communist nations doled out huge amounts for north Korean rebuilding but the seeds of hatred were sown and that all lead to hatred and discontent among the two nation states. After that there has been a series of events that have led to worsening of the US- Korea relations. 2006 saw Korea firing seven missiles’ following ban on economic sanctions by un.2012 saw testing of missiles that could reach us directly. 2016-17 saw continuous series of long-range missiles and the year 2018 saw the two leader exchanging threats about their countries’ capabilities as nuclear powers. All these events from olden times piled up to what is dreaded as the third world war.

The US regimes under different presidents have followed  different approaches the bush government called N. Korea as “ axis of evils” the Obama government attempted dialogue with sanctions but it is now upto the trump governance how to deal with the situation as the trump regime is quite critical of the earlier efforts and very intolerant towards Kim jong’s policies.

Whatever be the result to the world both leaders are two sides of the same coin.

Surbhi Goel

Senior Writer

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