Trump bragged he made India cut tariffs by 50% in two minutes

Trump bragged he made India cut tariffs by 50% in two minutes

US President Trump, famous for his ‘deal’ remarks, said that India cut the tariffs on motorcycles by half was a fair deal, but tariffs on Wines are still higher and the US get Zero profit from it. No wonder Trump thinks everything in terms of deals, after all, he was a successful Businessman.
After passing of Reciprocal Trade Act, Trump talked to media about the act in the White House. Trump showed some examples of non-reciprocal tariffs from various countries to media on a green board.
Ponting towards the example of India, he said, “Look at motorcycles as an example. (In) India, it was 100 per cent. I got them down to 50 per cent, just by talking for about two minutes. It's still 50 per cent vs 2.4 per cent (on imported motorcycles to the US). Again, other than that, it's a very fair deal.”
Then Trump pointed on tariffs on Alcohols on the US by India and said, “India has a very high tariff. They charge a lot of tariffs. You look at whisky... India gets 150 per cent, we get nothing."
The decision of cutting off tariffs on Motor-Cycles imported from US by 50 per cent was taken by India in February 2018. Trump called that deal “unfair” and threatened India to increase tariffs on Indian Motor-Cycles.
Trump alleged that many countries are taking advantage of US (!). "They charge us tariffs and taxes, the likes of which nobody has any understanding. They're so high and so unfair! They also have barriers where we can't go in. They have trade barriers that make it impossible for us to sell our farm products and our other products.
Whether they think we're very nice or not so smart, they've been doing it for many, many years and we want to end it. Many of these are friends, many of these are allies... but, sometimes, allies take advantage of us even more so than our non-allies," he said.

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