Trump-Jong meet-is it really successful?

Trump-Jong meet-is it really successful?

The Donald Trump-Kim Jong Summit which was held on Tuesday in Singapore is over. It ended with a surprise from Trump’s side. His surprise turned out to be a shock for South Korea. He is suspending military power with South Korea as a gesture of goodwill to North Korea, and the government of Seoul wasn’t informed about it.

This meet was of very high significant as both the nations boasted of nuclear weapons in recent times. The meeting was seen with high importance for the world as it was between two great leaders of the world. What could have been the outcome of this meeting? Did it result in making world a better place for the people or worsen it? Did it serve the purpose?

Kim Jong Un is a leader of a very small and impoverished country, yet he is a brutal dictator. He starves his own citizens and then imprisons them. He has made a good deal out of this summit as he not only made the President of the United States fly across to meet him but also made him suspend his military help with South Korea. He is the most benefitted as he didn’t have to lose much in return.

None of the US Presidents have ever met the North Korean leaders ever, but Trump broke the code and went ahead with what he wanted to do. King Jong Un desperately wants a worldwide recognition for North Korea and legitimacy of his possession of the nuclear weapons. With Trump praising the ‘great personality’ of Jung at the end of the meeting seems like he would actually succeed in his demands.

Trump sold himself to America as a savvy negotiator who knew how to make deals. To maintain this image of a tough deal maker he had to do something very grand and nothing can be better than being the first US President to meet a North Korea leader. This thing hyped the meeting of Trump with Jung and caught everyone’s attention.

North Korea is the most repressive country currently because somewhere around 80000 to 130000 citizens of North Korea are held up as prisoner by its own government. Hundreds of thousands of people have already died because of this. In no way the Trump-Jong meeting is helping these North Koreans. If a meeting between two world leaders is failing at helping the mankind then what is the whole point of the meeting then?

The most that could have done out this meeting was taking care of the basic human rights of those fellow North Koreans, who are suffering worse than animals in their own countries.

The one who’s suffering the most out of this meeting is South Korea. America not supporting South Korea is a very big deal. They don’t even know what it means because they were never told about it earlier. The South Korean leader Moon Jae-in had several meeting s with Trump and Jong separately to maintain peace but what happened is something that he had never thought of. It has put South Korea in great risk.

Trump said that he has formed a very ‘special bond’ with Jong.

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