TV Czarina Ekta Kapoor becomes a mom

TV Czarina Ekta Kapoor becomes a mom

Following her brother Tushar Kapoor’s footsteps Balaji productions producer TV czarina Ekta kapoor is ready to embrace motherhood to her cute and bonny baby boy. Ekta kapoor became a mom via surrogacy as her actor b brother also parents his son born out of surrogacy.

Ekta kapoor always hinted that marriage is not for her but after the birth of her nephew she always wanted to be a mom as she is a hands on aunt to her nephew and for sure she will be a great mother as well.

With granddad as Jeetender and grand mom as Shobha kapoor alongwith a naughty bro Lakshay. This boy surely will be apple of everybody’s eye. He is going to be loved by one and all alike and Ekta can’t stop gushing about the newborn.

It seems surrogacy is the new way to conceive and celebrate parenthood. Surrogacy gives hope to those who can’t be parents by the natural way and sure shot it’s a way for those individuals also who wish to be parents but not partners. I see no harm in this as those who can afford surrogate means of child birth are the ones capable of raising and giving them a good life ahead.

Bollywood has lot many stars that have gone ahead with the surrogate way of embracing parenthood. To begin with Shah Rukh khan’s son Abram, Karan Johar twins Roohi and Yash, Tushar kapoor son Lakshay, Aamir khan son Azad and now Ekta kapoor son all are surrogate born babies.

Her decision to be a mom is not much surprising as she is a doting aunt and her insta accounts are full of her pics and videos with her nephew. She might be a hard task master for her actors but when it comes to be a bua then she surely is a total Punjabi and over the board loving bua who dotes on Lakshay in every possible way.

With the new arrival in her life Ekta’s work commitments will suffer or not is one thing everybody will be looking out for. But as much we all know her she is a workaholic and a multitasker and we all know she will manage all things in the best possible ways.

Wishing best of mommy hood to her.

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