Twitter grilled Modi again for his ‘scripted’ interview.

Twitter grilled Modi again for his ‘scripted’ interview.


Barkha Dutt saying exactly what ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ was saying.

As Historian Ramachandra Guha once said to Karan Thapar in an interview, “Modi is a case study in self-love”

Has any one counted exactly how many times the word '???' occurs in this historic #Modi2019Interview ?

— Mrinal Pande (@MrinalPande1) 1 January 2019

Say NO to Man ki Baat, and YES to Jan ki baat

Point is NOT how good or bad was #Modi2019Interview...The real story is how Modi is being forced to sit for these 'interviews' now
Even the PM's massive PR machinery realises that years of silence / one sided tweets / Mann Ki Baat lectures / long-winded speeches...haven't worked

— Akash Banerjee (@akashbanerjee) 1 January 2019

Everyone like filters. From Instagram to Interviews

Before Starting Interview;

Anchor : Sir, "What would you like to have? Tea or Coffee?"

Modi Ji : “Filtered Questions.”????????#Modi2019Interview@PresidentVerde @Pun_Starr @Vishj05 @AzyConTroll @AreeDada__ @rkhuria @Nehr_who @Advaidism @polysmind @AacharyaSahiiL @akashbanerjee

— Salman Hamdaan (@SalmanHamdaan) 1 January 2019

In the era of Chaos, our last line of Defence is Comedians

When I saw #Modi2019Interview I thought finally Nirav Modi gave an interview.

— Atul Khatri (@one_by_two) 1 January 2019

History repeats itself

Smita Prakash Ji, your interview was scripted, just learn how to ask tough questions from Rajdeep. Just see the level of his tough questions

He is asking Sonia Gandhi the toughest questions like Saas-bahu, dinner, cooking, etc

— Aparna ???????? (@imAPramanik) 1 January 2019

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