U-Turn - The unsung play of Arvind Kejriwal

U-Turn - The unsung play of Arvind Kejriwal

I was driving my Maruti Alto, heading to my friend's new house. He invited me at sharp 8:00 and it was already thirty minutes past eight. As his address was new to me, I was heading with the help of google maps. The minute I thought I am about to reach, the voice of google maps said: AFTER 100 METRES, TAKE A KEJRIWAL TURN.
I shook my head. Did the map just say Kejriwal turn? Maybe it is last night's hangover.
AFTER 50 METRES, TAKE A KEJRIWAL TURN, the voice said again.
It was real. The thing was real, not in just my head. But even if it was true, what was Google actually trying to say?
I turned the car a little left and stopped there. After two minutes of taking slow breaths, the thing rung my head. IT'S U-TURN.
Kejriwal turn is a damn U-Turn.
Was that a bit dramatic? Not more than the political carrier of Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. The day is not far when the internet will pick up the U-turn slang.
Past few months, Kejriwal was trying to get Congress to his side in his fight with the BJP. And before these few months, Kejriwal was throwing mud at the same Congress like there is no tomorrow.
During those summer days of Arvind Kejriwal, he called so many people corrupt that a number of defamation cases got registered against him. And the number was so high that after a time even media started to ignore new defamation cases. A new defamation case was like ‘just another day’ in Delhi politics those days.
He called Sheila Dixit corrupt. He called Manish Tiwari corrupt. He called Brijesh Pandey corrupt. And he called Kapil Sibbal corrupt.
The above-written name Brijesh Pandey is a fictitious one. I don’t know who Brijesh Pandey is. But everyone can believe that Kejriwal called Brijesh Pandey a corrupt person. Such is the halo of Delhi’s CM.
Now. Kejriwal called every Congress leader corrupt. Maybe he even called the Congress’ symbol of hand a corrupt symbol. But to defeat BJP, Kejriwal decided to join hands with the same Congress (No pun intended). What’s that?
Let’s try to declutter it. Kejriwal was new to politics back then. He wanted to point fingers. He wanted to speak his mind. Maybe he wanted to be the Anil Kapoor of Nayak.
As time passed by, he became aware of the political moves, of how to move the cards. So, Kejriwal realised that the need of the hour is to defeat the BJP. And hence he tried to make an alliance with the Congress.
But, not every love story’s ending is a happy ending. Because life is not directed by Karan Johar.
Congress decided not to make any alliance with Aam Admi Party. The news came out this noon.
And just after the minutes of this news, Kejriwal tweeted this, “At a time when the whole country wants to defeat Modi- Shah duo, Cong is helping BJP by splitting the anti-BJP vote. Rumours r that Cong has some secret understanding wid BJP. Delhi is ready to fight against Cong-BJP alliance. People will defeat this unholy alliance.”
Seriously Mr. Kejriwal? After all this time, you are stuck with your same pet dialogue: Sab Mile Hue Hain Jee. After all this time?
Delhi’s people still believe in you. If not all of them, at least some. Don’t repeat the same mistakes. As the saying goes, “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

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