Uddhav says drama is still going after his meeting with Amit Shah: Shiv Sena dared by Narayan Rane to quit NDA

Uddhav Thackeray met BJP President Amit Shah just a day ago and he is accusing him of the drama. He claims that whatever they are doing is a part of their strategy and nothing else.

Sena lost a seat to BJP in the by-election Lok Sabha in Palghar Mumbai. While addressing the crowd in the same location Thackeray openly declared that BJP is simply doing drama right now. “Whatever is going on is all drama” he stated.

The Sena candidate who lost to BJP, Shrinivas Wanaga, actually gave a scare to the BJP party as per Thackeray. However, after the meeting on Wednesday, the BJP sources announced that everything turns out to be positive between the parties and allies are still together with less tension. This speculation was dismissed by Sanjay Raut a Sena leader.

Thackeray attached BJP by saying that they are all the possible ways to win the Lok Sabha election in 2019. He also told the people that BJP has a total of 6 lakh votes against them. He also accused BJP of malfunctioning of EVM machine saying that there were votes without the voter's name on it an even cash distribution among people were done.

This is the defeat of BJP as they have used all the ways to win and still, no action was taken. He compared the 2 and a half lakh votes obtained by Shrinivas Wanaga with the campaign of 15 days to the BJP party struggle.

In the intervening time, the chief Narayan Rane targeted Shiv Sena and dared Thackeray to quit the NDA government. Rane is an active member of Rajya Sabha claimed that the state is going through a number of challenges and politicians are not tackling them with honesty. This resulted in the formation of his own party.

Well, many things were said and accused people of. We simply have to wait and see how these things are going to affect the upcoming elections.

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