US Cities Evidence, North Korea will not be surrendering its Nuclear Stockpile?

US Cities Evidence, North Korea will not be surrendering its Nuclear Stockpile?

The new evidence is out in open by US intelligence officials. They have concluded that it is seen that there are no intentions from North Korea for its nuclear stockpile. If anything, they are trying to cover up the evidence of the total number of weapons and the secret production facilities by the officials.

On 12th June, the evidence was collected during the 12 summit in Singapore that clearly points out North Korea is planning out the preparation to deceive the US for the nuclear warheads for the arsenal and the existence of the not disclosed facilities that are used to make fissile material for the bombs made up of nuclear.

The new finding supports the previous statement that says that the undisclosed Intelligence agency is estimating the unlikely to denuclearize.

This assessment, however, is not in contrast with President Donald Trump that commented after the summit that started in their Twitter, “There is no longer a nuclear threat” from N Korea. Even at the rally with Pyongyang, he said he had “great success”.

North Korea and Intelligence official’s experts have generally taken a cautious view over the noting that Jim Kim Jong Un’s leader is vague is committed to denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula by the near-echo from the North Korean leader.

The four officials describe new intelligence that is aware of it and has received by the briefings that are based on the material gathered since the summit in the week. The officials insisted of the anonymity to discuss the sensitive assessment about the country that has one of the most difficult targets for the spying agency to penetrate.

"I'm not prepared to talk about the details of the discussions that are taking place," he said in testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. "I think it would be inappropriate and, frankly, counterproductive to achieving the end state that we're hoping to achieve." Senator on Wednesday.

Followed by the Abraham Denmark comment “North Korea has made no new commitments to denuclearization, and in fact has backed away from its previous commitments,"

North Korea remains free to manufacture more nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and other weapons of mass destruction - even though it has unilaterally frozen testing of its nuclear weapons and certain ballistic missiles," he added. "There is no deadline for them to eliminate their illegal capabilities, or even freeze their continued production."

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