US comedian finds The statue of unity funny. Watch the video

Statue of Unity is attracting comments of both kind ever since it is built. Some are saying it is for the pride of the country, some are saying it is “unnecesassry waste” of public taxes. US comedian and poltical comentator gave a third and funny side to it. Watch the video:

The comment section of the video was more fun than the video itself. He here are some comments vy viewers:

IamARobot7 writes,

“USA: Trump Tower is the tallest building in Manhattan!
India: Hold my Chutney…"

Markus P. said,

”A country that has a somewhat strong economy, as well as millions of starving people, spends 400M$ on a statue. Priorities."
The great and mighty godess aqua writes,

"Hopefully Trump doesn't hear about that Indian statue otherwise he would want one of himself that's even bigger..."

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