US Media vs India Media. Finding differences in the light of Acosta Case.

US Media vs India Media. Finding differences in the light of Acosta Case.

Here is a famous quote by Senior BJP leader Lal Krishan Advani given in the times of Emergency (1975-1977), “The nation’s media crawled when it was only asked to bend”, this sums up the whole condition of Indian Journalism and National Media.
On one hand, there is Indian Journalism, who crawls in front of Govt and on the other hand, there is US Media, standing in front of Country’s most powerful person, sueing Govt in court.
CNN’s lawsuit against Trump and White House has set a benchmark and should be taught in classes of Journalism.
Most of the American media houses and American citizens are standing with CNN. In India, there are some cases in which individual journalists (Not whole of the media house) tried to stand against Govt, and has faced the consequence of it.
Karan Thapar described the incident in his book in which Karan asked Modi about Gujrat Muslim Massacre and made him uncomfortable. Mr Modi left the interview on the spot but faked his emotions with a smile at that time. Later, when Modi came in power, he ensured that BJP boycotted Karan.
Recently, Punya Prasun Bajpai was dismissed from ABP news. He faced this because of his exclusive show; “Masterstroke” in which he spoke fiercely against those sitting in power.
After the dismissal of Punya Prasun Bajpai, Abhisar Sharma left ABP news in unknown circumstances. Everyone and their mom know Abhisar Sharma is very vocal about BJP’s fault lines on Social Media.
The Wire published a story about Jay Shah’s company finances and everyone in the Govt got baffled. (What Govt had to do with Jay Shah?) Later, Jay Shah filed a defamation case against The Wire. However, The Wire won the case.
These are some cases in which individual Journalist or individual media House (Only The Wire) stood up against Govt and faced the consequences.
There are many reasons behind this difference in media of two countries.
The most important amongst them is that US media is much older, well established and have its revenue system based on subscription, not on Advertisement. Indian media depends on Govt of Advertisements as Indian central and State Govt are a major advertiser.

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