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US - "Retaliatory Tariffs On US Exports Without Justification Under Norms"

The retaliatory tariff is imposed by the China, European Union, India, Turkey and other countries that are connected with US exports which are completely without justification as per the norms of international that is stated by Donald Trump.

The United States is now following a confidential path that a lot of trading partner that include India to be a major one of them as it threatens to take relevant steps in order to protect US interests.

Donald Trump, President US, announced the 25 and 15 per cent tariff on import on aluminium and steel, this effect the retaliatory duties on US imports that have been imposed by China (2nd April), Turkey (21st June), Mexico (5th June) and the European Union (22nd June).

In all this, Canada has already stated that this imposes of the retaliatory duties on US imports. Japan, India and Russia have notified the WTO of their proposed suspension of commitments that are under the agreement of safeguards.

Robert Lighthizer stated that "President Trump has taken actions on trade in steel and aluminium to protect our national security interests. These actions are wholly legitimate and fully justified, both as a matter of US law and WTO rules,"

When India, China and EU announced the new tariff against the US, the Mr Lighthizer said, By contrast, the EU has concocted a groundless legal theory to justify immediate tariffs on US exports. Other WTO Members, including China, have adopted a similar approach,"

He added, "These retaliatory tariffs underscore the complete hypocrisy that governs so much of the global trading system.  For months, the EU, China, and others have criticised the trade policy of the US, while claiming to champion the WTO.  But their recent tariffs prove that they simply ignore WTO rules whenever doing so is convenient,"

The actions taken by Lighthizer and Trump have put them under the legitimate scope of Article XXI.

Lighthizer said, "In an effort to give cover to this blatant disregard for WTO rules, they claim to be acting in reliance on a narrow exception that applies only in response to a safeguard measure. That exception does not apply here, however, because the US has not taken a safeguard measure," "Indeed, they show that they are willing to distort WTO rules to mean whatever they want, whenever they want. Faced with these unjustified tariffs, the US will take all necessary actions under both US law and international rules to protect its interests,"

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