US state secretary of State: Donald Trump’s is working on the South Asia strategy

US state secretary of State: Donald Trump’s is working on the South Asia strategy

As per the reports, the South Asia strategy of President Donald Trump is actually working out just fine. His top diplomat came forward and asserted today that there are many of the Taliban terrorists are now aware that they won’t be able to win the military forces.

Mike Pompeo said in the conference of the joint news with Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghan in Kabul, The president's strategy is indeed working. Our South Asia strategy has sent a clear message to the Afghan peoples and its security services that we will support them as they continue to fight to defend their country and their people," Last year, the policy was announced by Donald Trump.

However, in Kabul Pompeo made an unannounced stop when he was on his way to Brussels from Vietnam to attend the NATO Summit later this week.

On talking about the summit sidelines, Donald Trump will be meeting with the members of NATO countries in Afghanistan.
Pompeo said, "The strategy has sent a clear message to the Taliban - they cannot wait us out - and we are beginning to see the results both on the battlefield where the Taliban's momentum is slowing and in the prospects for peace with them," 
The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had a chat with him where Pompeo said that the two leaders got a chance to discuss the progress Afghanistan to make the preparation for the elections that will happen this fall.

He said, "We support the Afghan government and security forces as they work to ensure safe, credible, and transparent polls that reflect the will of the Afghan people. We call on all of our partners to continue this support," He added, "They're deeply connected to President Trump's strategy. We saw this. We saw what happened. We saw the Taliban respond to the ceasefire that President Ghani put in place. These are linked issues," 

The American diplomats stated on this, "The progress we've made in the South Asia strategy in increasing the size and the capability of the Afghan security forces, in strengthening the reforms inside the Afghan government, the work that we have done to demonstrate to the Taliban that the continuation of fighting will lead them to a bad outcome, not one that's in the best interests of the people in the regions where they operate - each of those are hallmarks of real progress,"

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