Use Human Urine to extract Urea: Nitin Gadkari’s idea for making bio-fertilisers

Use Human Urine to extract Urea: Nitin Gadkari’s idea for making bio-fertilisers

If a politician talks out-of-box, people don’t digest it. The common reason is that politicians do it often just to attract the limelight. However, what if a politician really wants to do the out of the league thing? After all, it is a politician/minister who has the most resources to do it.
The news is, Senior BJP leader and RSS veteran Nitin Gadkari said that we should make Urea from Country’s Urine.
He claimed that if the country successfully does it, there will be no need for import of fertilisers.
Nitin Gadkari, the Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India since 2014, was attending a gathering of young innovators at the Mayor Innovation Awards function of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation.
Addressing to the innovators, Gadkari said, "I have asked for storage of urine at airports. We import urea, but if we start storing urine of entire country then we will not need to import urea, so much potential it has, and nothing will be wasted.”
"Other people do not cooperate with me because all my ideas are fantastic.
Even the (municipal) corporation will not help, because in government, people are trained to be like (blinkered) bulls who walk in the rut, not looking here and there," said the Union Minister.
This is not the first time when Gadkari has talked out-of-box. Earlier, he caught the limelight when he said that he is storing his own urine and using it as a fertiliser in his official bungalow in New Delhi.
Gadkari also suggested young innovators another new idea. He talked of how one can extract amino acids from human hair. He said that the amino acids extracted from such method can be used as fertilisers.
The minister owns Purti Group of Industries and the minister said that his company get orders for about 180 containers of bio-fertiliser from the Dubai government.

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