Video App Tik Tok To Be Banned In India

Video App Tik Tok To Be Banned In India

The Madras High Court urged the federal government to ban Chinese Tik Tok app on Wednesday. According to the Madras high court, the app promotes pornographic content. The app has been created by the Beijing Bytedance Technology Co which allows the user to create short videos by adding special effects. The app has over 1.3 billion users and is currently popular in rural India.
You can share anything jokes, clips and footage regarding the Indian media Industry along with the memes and videos in which youngsters can do mimicry. The IT Minister of Tamil Nadu has described that some of its dance videos are not up to the mark while on the other hand, Hindu Nationalist group which is very close to BJP has asked the government to ban the app.
In February, the BJP chief of Information Technology, Amit Malviya said, “The party was tracking TikTok conversations and called it "a brilliant medium for creative expression." Madras Government who are receiving the complaints against the app claimed that the children are getting addicted to sexual content.

A Tik Tok spokesman said, “The Company was committed to abiding by local laws and was awaiting a copy of the court’s order, following which it would take appropriate action. Maintaining a safe and positive in-app environment ... is our priority.”
Though the India Federal System has not responded yet to the request Madras government has asked the government to ban the application and its downloading. According to the analytics firm Sensor Tower, the app has over 240 million user in India. Tik Tok is the only video conferencing app which makes it easier to use other than social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

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