Video of Dravid denying a proposal got viral. Twitter slammed Pandya comparing the two.

If you are a cricket fan and were born in 80s-90s, you may well remember why Rahul Dravid was called ‘Mr Dependable’.
Those were the days when Cricket fans used be ‘Bhakts’ of cricketers. Not their fault. Such was the charm and elegance of that era cricketers that any right minded person can get wooed by them. Ganguly, Sachin, Kumble, Rahul and many more names you can carve on your wrists.
Instead of cursing on the ground they made their bat and ball do the talking. But let's be realistic. We are in a new era now. The era of raged Kohli. The era of Steve Smith temepering the ball. And Pandya boasting about hooking up with many girls.
In such times, a Twitter user tweeted a video of Rahul Dravid being proposed by a girl (in a prank) and him denying the proposal with dignity and pride.
The video goes back to the early 2000s when Rahul Dravid was made ‘Bakra’ by an MTV prank show ‘MTV Bakra’. In the video, a journalist is seen interviewing Rahul Dravid and after wrapping the show-up, she confessed to Rahul that she fancied him for a long time and wants to marry him.
Rahul denied the girl straightforwardly. When the girl’s father came into the room, Rahul requested his father to concentrate on her studies.
The video spread on Twitter quicker than butter spread on hot parantha. I mean, the video got more than 6,700 tweets.
@FlawedSenorita shared the video with caption:
"Well, Hardik Pandya incident reminded me of a young Rahul Dravid who was bullied in MTV Bakra and how well he responded to it. You always can set the right example if you have it in you. Must watch!"


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