Vijay Shankar to be replaced with Mayank Aggarwal in upcoming matches

Vijay Shankar to be replaced with Mayank Aggarwal in upcoming matches

Right ahead of the match between England and India in world cup 2019, BCCI has decided to replace Vijay Shankar by Mayank Aggarwal, this will be the first international world cup game of Mayank Aggarwal. The 28-year-old made his debut last year against the one-day cricket match series that took place between India and Australia. Vijay Shankar is kept on rest after he suffered from the toe nibble injury on Sunday in a match against England. Mayank Aggarwal, the player who hails from the Karnataka was looking out for the opportunity in the world cup as this will be the first ICC world cup he will be playing.

After the incidence, Vijay Shankar has become the second player to rule out of the ICC world cup cricket team 2019, after Shikhar has injured his leg during the tournament. A senior BCCI official said that Vijay got hit right on his leg by the ball delivered by the Jasprit Bumrah, his condition has not improved since then and his toe is not doing well also he will not be able to further take part in the world cup or any consecutive matches in it. He will return back home as soon as tickets will be arranged.

Another resource from the BCCI also said that the management has decided to let Mayank Aggarwal play in the game as the replacement since he has played as opener in the past, this might give chance to KL Rahul to prove himself at the sort of number 4, in the case Rishab Pant fails to impress in another one-two rounds of the game. Currently, Rishab is playing on number 4 spot and has failed to manage a score in the match against England on Sunday. In fact, in the past Rohit Sharma has mentioned about the injury Vijay has suffered but not much attention was given assuming it be an old hit.

Once the name of the Mayank Aggarwal got approved by the ICC tournament committee the player will arrive at the Birmingham and travel possibilities will be arranged for him accordingly.

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