Virat Kohli bagged the number in the rich list of Instagram

Virat Kohli bagged the number in the rich list of Instagram

Virat Kohli, 29-year-old skipper of the Indian team has always managed to grab attention and be surrounded by the news. Now, he has become one of the most followed Instagram accounts on social media among athletes. He is now sitting on the 9th number in the list as per the reports that were released by HopperHQ, the Instagram post scheduler, which was based on the cost that is gone on the brands due to the sponsored brands.

HopperHQ managed to compile a list of his top of 2018 of the Facebook-owned photo sharing application that bought the 17th rank for Virat Kohli. However, the total earning that is gone to Kohli’s pocket is $120,000 for a single post on Instagram that made him India’s top leading man on the list. But if his earning of Instagram is compared with Kylie Jenner then it will be around 1-10th of her who is actually around $1.1 million per post.

Other sports personalities that made a mark to the list are, with the total of $750,000 per post Cristiano Ronaldo is ruling and then is followed with the estimate of $600,000 and $500,000 by Brazil’s Neymar and Argentina’s Lionel Messi respectively on the second position. The third position is grabbed by Ronaldo followed by Jenner and the top singing sensation Selena Gomez. The eight position is given to Neymar while 9th is for Messi.

There are many top personalities that are ahead of Kohli in this list such as Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale, former football Captain David Beckham, Uruguay forward Luis Suarez, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Conor McGregor, Irish MMA star.
However, Kohli is ahead of Floyd Mayweather Jr., one of the higher earners in sports and Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors superstar. The 18th and 19th position are grabbed by the Curry and Mayweather Jr.

Instagram Sport Rich List for 2018

The total followers of Virat Kohli currently are 23.2 million on Instagram. He is leading the Indian team for the England tour. The five test series between India and England will start on 1st August 2018 at Edgbaston.

There might be others that are ahead of Kohli but surely in India, he has managed to be at the top among all the celebrities. Even as per the reports, his fairy-tale wedding pictures are the most viewed picture on the social media and are still rounding off the internet.

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