War of words: Nitish Kumar and Kushwaha mudding each other

War of words: Nitish Kumar and Kushwaha mudding each other

JDU president and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar started a war of words on Thursday. He asked about RLSP leader and Union Minister Upendra Kushwaha’s remark that “Nitish Nitish once told him that he would not want to remain CM after three consecutive terms.” Nitish told the media to “not take the discussion to such a low level”.



The RLSP seems to be angry after Nitish Kumar’s “low level” remark on Kushwaha. They want BJP, who is a partner of them in NDA to “intervene or should suffer afterwards”.


When Kushwaha was asked to respond to Nitish Kumar's remark, he replied, “Both Nitish and I belong to the same Luv Kush family. He is my elder brother. If I am his younger brother, how I can be of a low level.”


It was speculated that RLSP disclosed about Nitish Kumar’s reservations because RLSP is not happy with the seats allocated to RLSP in NDA alliance in upcoming elections.


Jitendra Kumar, Senior member and spokesperson of RLSP said in a press conference, “How can Nitish Kumar be dismissive about our leader. Both leaders come from a similar social background and are known as Luv-Kush in political parlance. BJP should immediately intervene or else NDA is bound to suffer. Any ego clash between the two big leaders of NDA does not bode well for the alliance.”


Nath also added that the JDU supremo and CM is overreacting because he is losing his vote bank while Kushwaha’s stature is increasing day by day in Nihar which must be acknowledged by NDA.


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