We are not seeking votes for our grandsons, Modi took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi

We are not seeking votes for our grandsons, Modi took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi

Elections in Rajasthan are just half a month away and every party in the state is trying to lure the voters by hook or by crook.


Prime Minister Modi is on his tour in Rajasthan, giving speeches to Voters, trying to gain their confidence. PM Modi was addressing a rally in Rajasthan;s Nagaur and while addressing, he took a jibe at Congress and said that this upcoming election is between “naamdar [dynast] and the kaamdar [worker]”.


The elections are going to be held on 7th of December in Rajasthan.


Citing big names like Jyotiba Phule and BR Ambedkar, PM said that BJP’s work is influenced by them. “In this land known for its bravery and hard work, a worker is fighting against a dynasty. I am just like you. You were not born with a golden spoon in your mouth, nor was I,” Modi added.


It’s not the first time when Modi has criticised Congress for being a dynasty party. Just a few days ago, Modi said that he is challenging Congress party to make someone party president who doesn't come from Nehru-Gandhi family.


Rahul Gandhi is the fourth generation of Gandhi family who is the active politics. BJP has criticised Congress for that in 2014 elections, too.


Taking another jibe at Congress Supremo Rahul Gandhi, PM said, “You should elect again the BJP leaders and Vasundhara Raje in these elections. Afterall, We are not seeking votes for our grandsons or granddaughters but for your welfare and to help fulfil your dreams.”


Apparently, Modi talked more about his competitors and less about his party’s future goals in Rajasthan. At the end of his address, Modi said the BJP Govt led by Vasundhara Raje has solved the problem of water scarcity. He said that BJP has incorporated water facilities across One and a half lakh hectares of Rajasthan.



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