We have to go to under hiding because we were receiving threats, said women who entered Sabarimala

The two women of menstruating age who entered in the Sabarimala temple the other day said that they have gone into hiding as they were are continuously receiving threats.
The two girls talked to international news agency Reuters on Thursday and said on record that right winged men are threatening them. The two women,  Bindu Ammini and Kanakadurga, entered the shrine on January 2 under heavy protection.
Talking to the Reuters, they said that they are being threatened by male patriarchs, but they have their trust in the Govt. They are confirmed that they will come home next week.
They gave their interview in some remote place on the outskirts of Kochi.
One the women, Bindu Ammini, said that were courageous and did not felt any fear while entering the temple.  “We felt no fear. We had only one aim: we wanted to go to that shrine,” she said. They also attempted to enter on December 24 but got failed at that time.
Their entry sparked a statewide agitation in the male patriarchs, and Bhartiya Janta Party came into their support. “The BJP government [at the Centre] has a duty to regulate and control their members,” Bindu commented on BJP.
Kanakadurga said that they were dissuaded by many people.  “A lot of people tried to dissuade us and make us turn back – police officers, our friends...because they knew we were facing a lot of backlashes,” Kanakadurga said to the Reuters. She is an activist and a civil servant, while Bindu is a lecturer.
Showing her trust in the state Govt, Bindu said, “I always say that I trust the police persons, the state government of Kerala and also our democratic society of Kerala.”
The BJP and the Congress are opposing the entry of the women of menstruating age in the temple while left Govt is in their support.

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