We will work together to save democracy: Congress and TDP

North and South poles of Indian politics are now ready to work together. In plain words, Congress and Telugu Desham Party are ready to make a grand alliance.
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu met Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday. They are ready to make a grand alliance in order to “save democracy”
It has been officially announced now that Congress and TDP are going to “work together’ in Telangana polls and 2019 election.
The gist of the meeting was that we have to defend the democracy and the institutions of this country. We have to defend the future of this country. So, we are coming together. All the opposition forces are going to work together to defend India,” Gandhi said after the meeting.
When questioned about the history of the animosity between the two parties, Rahul said, “We have had a past. But both of us agreed that we are not going to get into the past. We are going to talk about the present and the future because it is critical for our country. We have agreed that the principal idea here is to defeat the BJP and to defend democracy and the institutions of this country. All other ideas will be discussed later.”

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