What does P stand for and History to Android version names

What does P stand for and History to Android version names

So Google is all ready to launch their next version and history will prevail, it's going to be another dessert name. They have released the initial "P" so you do have possibilities like pudding or peanut brittle, Pecan Pie, Panna Cotta, but these are just some guesses we have.
Though Popsicle is more of a possibility as the company's latest new Spring wallpaper collection is pointing towards this dessert.
Cheeky, right, but Google loves being cheeky and after their teasing, if you remember with Oreo, so anything is possible. Some are pointing towards the red herring as well and possibly it could be named Android Pocky.
To say Popsicle is a trademark name is not wrong, but then when has this stopped Google from using such names. We have Kit-Kat and Oreo as examples. Though the Popsicle owner Unilever is holding tight to it's brand name, nevertheless, it does not look like this bothers Google one bit in taking the name to be their next version label.
Of course, one can't deny that Popsicle is not a much common dessert as well since it has many different names worldwide. Over in the US, it's known as the ice pop. In other countries, it goes by many other names like ice block, ice drop and ice lolly and much more.
But, no doubt, Google definitely must be gleaming on the thought that they have everyone pondering on what the "P" could be standing for.
Yea, the Spring wallpaper does point to all possibilities of being labelled as Popsicle as the wallpaper does show a Popsicle and the next generation Android OS is definitely going to be named after a dessert.
This is the Android 9.0 version and curtains have been picked from the first alphabet of the Android versions name- P.
Till date, Google has named each version after a sweet dessert and Popsicle is definitely a dessert that is quite sweet. So far we have Donut,  Cupcake, Eclair, Marshmallow, Kit-Kat and Oreo and yes, from the frozen desserts we have Froyo and ice cream as well.
Though we won't have to wait for long on what the letter "P" stands for as Google's annual developer conference is scheduled to run from May 8th till 11th 2018, so all curtains will be raised from the name suspension.
Thanks to the delicious names, it's always a feast to go down on memory lane. Yes, since we are talking about Google's delicious names, why not look at their history. After all, they love to post the giant statues of the sweet desserts with their campus code names.
Ever since the launch of the Android version 1.5, Google has associated each version with a unique code name. Though no one has been able to understand as to why Google uses dessert names, nevertheless, all this definitely puts Google in the limelight.
For those who don't know, initially, Google began with simple number versions like 1.0 and 1.1. But, ever since they began using dessert names, they really have a scrumptious list of versions to boast about. So let's go down memory lane and see which desserts have interested Google and what new they had to offer.

Google Android OS Names

1. Android Cupcake
The cupcake was the first dessert that Google used and began its journey of using dessert names for its Android versions. The Cupcake version also came with the third-party Keyboard and YouTube direct upload option.
2. Android Doughnut
The Android version got released in 2009 under the name of Donut. The tasty spongy delicacy was the perfect name as just like the first bite is wow, the version came with wow features that included text to speech, enhanced user experience, refined search integration and improved performance in the video aspects.

3. Android Eclair
Again in October 2009, another Google Android version 2.0 was released. This time as tasty as the oblong chocolate filled Eclairs it was named on. After some bug fixing the fixed version was released a few months later as 2.0.1 in December 2009. The animation features were added in the Android version 2.1 in the January 2010 version.

4. Android Froya
The next Android version was 2.2  that was named Froya and it was full of speed. Froya is actually frozen yogurt, but Google used the name for its technical advanced Android version instead.

5. Android Gingerbread
Who doesn't love gingerbread cookies so what better name then Gingerbread for their next upcoming android version 2.3 that was going to be released with a new revamped look and freshness.  The version also boosted new features like the SIP internet calling, download manager, sensors like gravimeter, barometer and more than one camera.
6. Android Honeycomb
In February 2011, Google unveiled their Android version 3.0 and labelled it the Honeycomb. This version was designed especially for tablets and soon 3.1 and 3.2 followed the success foots of 3.0. Hence, Gingerbread was Google's official tablet update.
7. Android Ice Cream Sandwich
But, how can Google just design for tablets hence, they released the Android version 4.0 that was a synthesized version for mobile devices. They named it the ice cream sandwich and this time not just the enhanced functions were the talk of the town, but the design was also totally revamped.
Another highlight of the ice cream sandwich version was the introduction of the default font. Also, with this version, Google brought all of its services under one roof and labeled it the 'Google Play Store '.
8. Android Jelly Bean
The Prime intention of the version was to give enhanced function features along with improved user interface, with "Google Now", the latest innovative aspect that one could ask for with their android version 4.1. The name they decided to pick up was 'Jelly Bean'. The possibility behind this name, as per many beliefs, was the ability to accurately guess what you are searching for, even before you actually press the 'go' button.
Apart from this, the interactive notifications also made Jelly Bean the favorite among the previous android versions. The 4.1 was also unique due to it's in-built speech to text engine that saved your time from having to type everything.
9. Android KitKat
In 2013 Google took the curtains off their android version 4.4 that was named KitKat. And, guess what, Nestle gave Google their full support and matter of fact, they even organized a special ad campaign to popularize the release.

Nor many know that initially, Google had decided to use "Key Lime Pie" as the name for their new Android version 4.4. Later, Google decided to use KitKat as they felt Key Lime Pie was not that famous of a desert compared to the KitKat.

Google very well knew KitKat was a popular brand name and the name would benefit Google a lot. That's why they even partnered up with Nestle, so they could use the chocolate name. The Nexus 5 device debated with the new version 4.4 that had the ability to run with equal effectiveness on other devices as well.
The 'Google Now' feature was also given a revamped look. Previously you had to touch your device to use its smart artificial intelligence, but with the new Jelly Bean version all you had to do was speak the phrase for your device to put in action.

Another boom with Android version 4.4 was its ability to run on low RAM devices including 512 RAM devices. Google's Emoji keyboard was another treat from Google
10. Android Lollipop
The next version to see daylight was the Android version 5.0 labelled as Lollipop and became as famous as the Lollipop itself. This version made switching between smartphones, televisions and smartwatches a piece of cake. Lollipop also came with new features like the battery saving feature.
11. Android Marshmallow
The last update was 6.0 or Marshmallow and its code name was M. This version brought along many unique features that definitely played an important role in terms of the names used for the versions. The Doze mode will help cut down your power consumption even when the device will be in Idel mode. It also comes with an in-built USB C, in-built fingerprint sensor and an opt-in app permission. You also can format your MicroSD card and use it as another internal storage.

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