Why are snakes going to toilets in Australia? Spoiler: Not to pee

Why are snakes going to toilets in Australia? Spoiler: Not to pee

Do you know that Reptiles relax in the Sun when it is winter outside?
Imagine a Lizard lying on its stomach, basking near a pool, wearing black glasses, getting tanned. Ok, they don’t do that. But yes (!) they bask in the Sun.
Cold-blooded animals often like to bask in the sun to warm up and increase their metabolism. While basking, reptiles will lie perpendicular to the direction of the sun to maximize the amount of sunlight falling on their skin. They will also expand their rib cage to increase their surface area and will darken their skin to absorb more heat.
(They don’t know science. But maybe they have their own version of Bear Grylls or  maybe they have read ‘How to survive when you are a reptile’)
And opposite to that is also true. When it is very hot outside, these cold-blooded animals try to find a cool area. Not as much cool as Canaught place’s Oxford Book Store, but something like mud, a shady broken building or someone’s toilet.
Just a day ago, A 5-foot python was found hiding in a toilet bowl bit a Queensland, Australia. The resident of the house sat down to use the bathroom in midnight. And the snake bit her ass off. Literally!
The Snake Catchers Brisbane is a company that catches snakes on demand in Australia. It wrote a post on facebook a few days ago.
They wrote with the title, A 'CHEEKY' VISITOR!
“On Tuesday afternoon, we got a call from a customer in Chapel Hill, who was admittedly quite embarrassed about needing to have the following discussion.
She went on to explain how she went into the bathroom to go to the toilet but did not turn the light on. "Mid-stream", she felt something bite her bottom! As you can imagine, she jumped up quite quickly.
It all happened so fast, and she initially thought it was a frog. Of course, she discovered it was not a frog, but in fact, a Carpet Python which had gotten just as much of a fright as she did..”
Extra note: Getting bitten on the bum by a snake in the toilet is everyone’s childhood fear. If you are an Indian and reading this, don’t chill your spine. This phenomenon of snakes is usually found in Australia. The species of snakes commonly found in India are Indian Cobra, King Cobra, Rock Python, Rat Snake etc, and they are quite habitual of a hot environment.
In United States midwest, the temperature has fallen down negative of Zero, but in case of Australia, the scenario is quite opposite (Thanks to the mother nature that we are not a boring planet).
Snakes, though, are not to be feared. They are just friendly neighbourhood (a bit exaggeration here) animals who are seeking refuge in the hot. We can’t give homes to the Syrian refugees or Rohingya Muslims because of our personal political biases. But these snakes don’t even have their ideologies. I mean, frankly, I have never met a snake who have read Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Have you?

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