Why should Non-Christians celebrate the Christmas?

Why should Non-Christians celebrate the Christmas?

Hey, if you are reading this: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, even if you are a Hindu, Jain or from some other Non-Christian group. Why am I wishing you? Why Non-Christians celebrate Christmas, despite the fact that their religion has nothing to do with it?

Here are some practical, and honest reasons why Non-Christians celebrate Christmas. Or if they don’t, here are the reasons why they should:

Everyone celebrates Christmas. Everyone in your neighbourhood, everyone in your Whatsapp list. At least everyone wishes to everyone else. So, if you don’t reply or don’t engage in, it would be an act of rebel. Being a rebel is a good thing. But not every time. If someone says Merry Christmas to you, reply him back with a smile. It is not going to cost you a penny.

If you have Kids, there is an extra incentive in celebrating Christmas. In the era of the Internet, it is hard to find things that Kids can be engaged in. Christmas is one of them. You don’t want to deprive your kids of social customs or the gifts or the joy. Do you?

It is a day to increase the sense of belongingness. Christians celebrate Eid and Diwali and what not to feel the sense of belonging with others, and vice-versa. Christians are a minority in India. Others can enjoy their festival just to say- Hey, you are not alone. Let’s share happiness

Christmas comes in a time where no other big festivals show up. Hindu festival season ends with November. Sikhs’ Lohri comes in January. So, it always feels Joy to celebrate a festival with others once or twice in a month (Unless you are an introvert).




Now, this one is my personal reason. I celebrate Christmas because I get free wine from my Christian friends. Spare me for any typo. You know, hangover ;)


Merry Christmas, again!


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