With the change of Twitter policy, top users suffered and losses 2 per cent of total followers

With the change of Twitter policy, top users suffered and losses 2 per cent of total followers

On Tuesday, Twitter changes their policies in order to increase their service’s credibility. However, this comes out as a huge loss for the 100 most popular users. All the top user's losses around 2 per cent of their followers, on average, as per keyhole that deals in the social media data.

Due to the suspected fraud, Twitter is no longer counting on the followed on any accounts that have been locked as posted on Thursday, by Jack Dorsey. The locked accounts were anyways kept away from the daily tweets and active figures of the month that are stated by the data.

Twitter locks away the accounts that show off any sort of unusual behaviour such as a burst of activities after dormancy for a few months.

As per the new policy of Twitter, it can be substantial for the users because the followers’ totals serve as a top selling point when the top social media faces, celebrities and influencers crack the deal with the advertisers. However, other users assume followers as the point of price.

According to the keyhole, "@Twitter" account lost 12.4 per cent of its followers compared with Wednesday, the steepest drop among the top 100 accounts by followers” said when the change of the Twitter policy come to effect.

Elon Musk, who is the tech executive, saw even the smallest dip that is can be around .3 per cent or about 71,000 followers. However, the median has certainly declined any such claim of the top 100 that were around 734,000 followers as per the data. As per the Twitter, they said that the wide range service drop was only expected to drop out by the total of four followers.

Twitter has clearly declined to provide any of the additional data. However, the specialist team of Keyhole is capturing data from Instagram and Twitter handle and selling off the reports to various businesses.

Katy Perry, the top pop artist has the most of the followers have now lost more than 2.8 million of her followers on Thursday that is about the 2.6 per cent fall at the earlier that day. Then the other musical artists that are included in the list of top 100 include Britney Spears, Pink, Eminem and Mariah Carey, all see approximately the drop of 3 per cent.

The financial analysts have given Twitter a loud round of applause of their effort to limit the misuse that it could be better for the long run and will pay off well.

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