With the end of PDP-BJP alliance, anti-terror measures taken in Jammu and Kashmir by the Centre has political costs for Mehbooba

The BJP-PDP alliance was never meant to be at the first place if it wasn’t for the central leadership of BJP and PDP Mufti Mohammad Sayeed. They would have wrapped up the alliance a long time ago with no history at all.

However, the unfortunate demise of Mufti during the alliance initial days was a blow to the sustainability of the duo. As soon senior Mufti death, Mehbooba Mufti was all so mad at the BJP and throwing an accusation at their way. After that, there was nothing left between BJP and PDP except an unwanted alliance that they were born. This came out as a guarantee when during the 88-days governor rule, Mufti refused to follow it and take the oath.

This results in the Jammu voters that were lost by BJP that managed to put the dent in the alliance. As you might know that Jammu and Kashmir are formed by the three district areas – Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir. They are completely different from one another due to their distinct regions which is evident in the political world as well. This was completely proved when BJP won in Jammu with maximum votes where in Kashmir it wasn’t able to grab a single seat.

The alliance took a toll on both the political parties but BJP got the blow in the hardest way possible. But the alliance didn’t sit well with the Hindu voters of the region that started to bash BJP for putting their trust in PDP.

With the history of PDP and Jammu, BJP made a mistake by putting their trust in them. Not only had this, but ED and NIA also backed away from BJP. When NIA arrested Syed Ali Shah Gellani’s son-in-law Altaf Shah, PDP was not at all with it. This only puts the fuel to the fire.

However, BJP has always made it clear on the state as well as the central level that they are here to take actions against the wrong and were not here to hold back. As for now, the alliance is collapsing with the violent spree in the valley of Kashmir. Mehbooba Mufti is not paying any heeds to the violence and prejudice in the state and that has made BJP step up and took the route that is more preferable. However, the effect of this decision will be seen clearly in the upcoming polls. 

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