Witness didn’t help us, said CBI in Sohrabuddin case

Witness didn’t help us, said CBI in Sohrabuddin case

Today was the final hearing of famous Sohrabuddin Shaikh and Tulsiram Prajapati alleged fake encounter case. And nothing exclusive came out of the box.

The Central Beauru of Investigation told a court in Mumbai that ill response from witnesses hindered the investigation.

The case was heard today in presence of all the twenty-two accused and their lawyers. The lawyers of accused submitted their case before the court. Special CBI judge SJ Sharma was hearing the case.

Most of the people who under jurisdiction are either policemen or known to leaders from two states: Gujarat and Rajasthan.

As per the report submitted by Central Bureau of Investigation, Sohrabuddin and his wife were allegedly encountered for some political reasons.

Sohrabuddin’s friend, Prajapati, was a witness of both the killings but he too was shot by the Gujarat and Rajasthan Police in 2006, Acc to report filed by CBI

The apex court of India transferred the case to CBI from Gujrat CID in 2010, as the court was under doubt that state CID may not work independently.

As per the latest report filed by CBI, Ninety-two out of Two Hundred Ten witnesses turned hostile towards them.

CBI also said that the case was handled too late to the CBI. It took five years to a case to come to CBI and twelve years to even start a probe.

Replying to this, CBI special justice Sharma said, “I don’t blame the CID. I don’t blame the CBI. There are statements and witnesses. If they come here and say something else, it’s not your fault. You did your job.”

The case once shifting from Gujrat CID to CBI was then transferred from Gujarat to Mumbai just to ensure a fair trial. The case was shifted to Mumbai in 2012.

The peculiar thing is all the big names, like Amit Shah and other senior officials were discharged from the case, only small constables and Inspectors are left under the jurisdiction.

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