Woman Student should ‘Fascist BJP Government’ on the plane, arrested

Woman Student should ‘Fascist BJP Government’ on the plane, arrested

On Monday, at the Tuticorin airport, a woman was arrested after she shouted out loud, “down with Modi - BJP - RSS fascist government". On top of that, in the same flight, Tamil Nady BJP President Tamilisai Soundararajan was also present. This left everyone spellbound and the BJP leader told the reporters, "She was not an ordinary passenger, I suspect some extremist organization behind her,"

Lois Sofia is a 28-year-old research scholar in Canada and was with Soundararajan on the same flight to Tuticorin. Then all of a sudden, Sofia started to shout the slogan when the BJP leader who was seated in the front row came near her to take her bag. However, when the plane landed in Tuticorin, then Sofia was arrested and Soundararajan also filed a complaint at the airport itself. Even a video was recorded at the airport only where the BJP leader was angry at the misconduct and said, "How can she shout like that? This is not a public forum."

Even on her police complaint, she defended her actions by saying that she was feeling threatened by the whole scene when the student started to shout the slogan with her raised fist. She felt that her life was in some danger. She added, "She doesn't appear like an ordinary passenger. I felt my life was under threat,", "No innocent girl will use the word fascist".

However, Sofia was charged with the “attempt to cause alarm” and “public nuisance” and was sent for the 15 days of judicial custody by the court. Her father who is a retired government officer, AA Sami also filed a complaint against the Tamil Nadu BJP chief and many another leader for the criminal intimidation. However, the case is not yet registered by the police.
Sami said that he along with his wife came to the airport to receive his daughter at the Chenna airport and were flying with her to Tuticorin. When they arrived at the Tuticorin, they were shocked to see their daughter surrounded by men and abuses thrown at her. The family was then kept in the room for safety.

Before her arrest, Sofia tweeted, “I am on a flight with Tamilisai Soundararajan and really want to shout out 'Down with Modi - BJP - RSS fascist government'. Will I be kicked off the flight?"

DMK Chief MK Stalin supported the girl and said, "If you'd put behind bars all those who raise such slogans, how many lakh people would you jail?"

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