Women Commission took action against the professor who compared Virgin girls to “sealed bottles”

The National Commission for Women took action against the professor who wrote misogynist post on Facebook, comparing a virgin girl to “sealed bottle."
The commission said that it has written a letter to the vice chancellor of the university regarding the misogynist and sexist remarks of the professor and asked why a professor like him are allowed to teach students.
The professor wrote about a “lesson” on Facebook on how boys should want a virgin wife.
He wrote, “Virgin girls are like sealed bottles or sealed biscuit packets. Are you willing to buy a broken seal while purchasing a bottle of cold drink or a packet of biscuits?
A girl is born sealed from birth until it is opened... A virgin girl means many things accompanied with values, culture, and sexual hygiene.”
The commission requested to DGP of the state to take action against the professor. NCW also requested DGP to apprise commision when any necessary action has taken against the professor.

 Women Commission took action against the professor who compared Virgin girls to “sealed bottles”
A number of people took the screenshot of professor’s post and circulated it in the social media. When the matter caught people’s eye and a number of women bodies spoke against the post, the professor deleted the post but continued to defend it in the name of freedom of expression and speech.
The professor wrote in his defence, “I have not written anything against any person, individual or anybody without any evidence or proof or any reference. I am doing social research and writing for the good and wellbeing of Society. The recent post I have given in "Kalom" and "Mukto Kalom" public group only. Many are sharing screenshots. I request not to confuse. It's everybody's right to express his / her thoughts. I have given many posts for and in favour of women.”

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