Woo Dalits and Rally on Modi as Brand, - BJP Improvement for 2019 Tally

Woo Dalits and Rally on Modi as Brand, - BJP Improvement for 2019 Tally

There are so many issues going around in circles with an eye on the backward classes and Dalits, welfare schemes of the Modi government and even the national security of the NRC region that have emerged up as the main poll planks for the government of BJP and have held meeting for the chief minister to strategies the election for the Lok Sabha and state assemblies.

The meeting was held that went for a whole day with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Chief Ministers that are listed to take a number of decisions and also legislation that is affected by his government benefiting all the society sections and especially the backward communities and Dalits, farmers and the poor.

The 14 BJP ministers that attended the meeting out of 15 as per the reports were chief ministers, part president Amit Shah, Several Union Ministers. The chief minister of Chhattisgarh Raman Singh said that the party discusses the preparations for the Lok Sabha elections and assembly polls that will happen in three states.

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He said, "We have taken a pledge that we will win the Lok Sabha polls with a majority bigger than the one we had in the 2014 polls. We will also ensure our victory in three state polls," 

It is less than eight weeks for the Lok Sabha polls while the assembly elections for the state of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are to help in the later months of this year. PM Modi addressed the law by the Parliament for the welfare of the backward communities, tribal and Dalits besides this they have taken up measures such as hiking off the minimum support for the crops in order to benefit farmers.

He also spoke on the exercise of Swachh Bharat Adbhyaan that are focused on the building the toilets and focusing on the cleanliness of the locations. Even the Gram Swaraj project has managed to start in 4,000 villages.

He even asked his party ministers to speed up the process of the execution and take over masses during the election.

After the meeting, Modi tweeted, "Fruitful meeting with Chief Ministers and Deputy Chief Ministers of states where the BJP is in power," 
Amit Shah even mentioned the tribute for the late former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee in which people come to pay their respects.

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