Yogi proved Shakespear yet another time wrong.

Yogi proved Shakespear yet another time wrong.

Shakespear once famously wrote, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet."


But then, Shakespear is not the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Neither is he the Cheif of Hindu Yuva Vahini. He is just a dead man. (Amit Shah just laughed somewhere)


Yogi’s fans shout “UP me jo rehna hai YOGI YOGI Kehna hai” every now and then, but do Delhi University students ever shout “Hamlet play evergreen rehna hai, Shakespear Shakespear kehna hai"? NEVER.


Now that we know Yogi’s credibility is a lot higher than Shakespear, we should listen to what Yogi Ji is saying.


Yogi Adityanath claimed in a rally, “If BJP comes to power in Telangana, then BJP will work for renaming Karimnagar into ‘Karipuram’ and Hyderabad to ‘Bhagyanagar’ to respect your sentiments.”


As per Yogi Ji, that's how we respect someone’s sentiments; by changing names.


Next time when your mom asks you to bring Dahi from the market. Just fill a glass with water, rename the Water to Dahi and then give the Dahi to your Mom. And don’t forget to sprinkle respected sentiments on it.


Shakespear ruined my childhood. All these years I was taught that nothing is in the name. Now all of a sudden A messenger of God (Not God, maybe Cow) came and told me that respect to sentiments lies in the names.


Burn in hell, Shakespear.


Now here is the new slogan. Right in your face.


“Romeo Juliet ki behana hai. Shakespear bta ab tera kya kehna hai.”


Disclaimer: Don’t you dare troll the author of this piece. It is written by Sambit Patra.
It is written by Me, Rohit, but I just changed my name to Sambit Patra.



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