Yogi’s Uttar Pradesh is on fire. And, apparently, the matchstick is a “Cow”

Yogi’s Uttar Pradesh is on fire. And, apparently, the matchstick is a “Cow”

Uttar Pradesh police have filed two FIR after a series of violence in Bulandshahr district on Monday. The first FIR is about alleged Cow slaughter and another is about the violence that followed after. One police inspector and a civilian is killed in the Violence.


A Bajrang Dal Leader is accused chiefly in the violence case. Yogesh raj, the district coordinator of the ultra-right-wing group, is the main accused. It was Yogesh who filed the FIR of alleged Cow slaughter. Seven people are accused of that- Sudaif Chaudhary, Ilyas, Sharafat, Anas, Shajid, Parvez, and Saifuddin. They all are booked under sections of the Uttar Pradesh Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955, and Section 295 of the IPC act.



Raj, surprisingly, has not been arrested yet. According to a report by news agency PTI, at least four people are booked for violence. All four hail from the right-wing organisation.



According to PTI, “Four people have been arrested and four detained for questioning on Tuesday in connection with the violence. The police did not disclose their identities. The FIR registered for the violence has identified at least 27 people and includes 17 charges such as arson, rioting, vandalism, assaulting public officers and murder. Around 50 to 60 unidentified people were also named in the FIR.”



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