YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium has a new offer for you!

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium has a new offer for you!

Google has recently launched YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium Service a few days back in India. It was started in March this year. The company initially announced to offer a three-month subscription free as a promotion.


The company has now announced a new plan in which students will get YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium subscriptions at cheaper rates. After the arrival of this plan, students can subscribe it to 59 rupees per month and YouTube premium can be subscribed to Rs. 79.

Under this subscription, students can download, listen to music and obviously can stream it. The special thing is that you will not get any ads from this premium subscription. Neither in the video nor in the music.
Google has placed a condition under this streaming service that every student will not get this offer. Only those students can avail this offer who is a full-time student in any college and for this, he/she will have to verify through Sheer ID.
If you are eligible, then you can take this plan for four years. However, every year you have to renew the subscription and for this, you will undergo the verification process every year so that the company can know that you are still a student.
It is worth mentioning that since this premium subscription of YouTube, people are very excited about it. It is possible that the demand for other existing music streaming players could be reduced. It is also possible that other companies make changes in their plans and launch attractive offers.


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