Yuvraj Singh retired from international cricket; “#YuviDeservesProperFarewell” trending on twitter

Yuvraj Singh retired from international cricket; “#YuviDeservesProperFarewell” trending on twitter

India's center over batting lynchpin in two World Cup triumphs, Yuvraj Singh, resigned from worldwide cricket with prompt impact on Monday in spite of the fact that he will hope to play on in low profile Twenty20 formats.


The 37-year-old all-rounder, joined by his better half and mother, told journalists of his choice at a city in near the Wankhede Stadium where India lifted their last 50-overs World Cup title in 2011.

"After almost 17 years of international cricket on and off, I have decided to move on," he told the press and burst into tears after a video featuring his cricket career.

"Cricket has given me everything and that's the reason why I am standing here today. It's been a love-hate relationship with the sport in retrospect."

Yuvraj, who played the last of his 304 one-day internationals two years ago, was a key cog in India's World Twenty20 triumph in 2007 and was player-of-the-tournament at the World Cup four years later.

Yuvraj, who played the last match of his 304 ODI two years prior, was a key gear-tooth in India's World Twenty20 win in 2007 and was player-of-the-competition at the World Cup four years after the fact.

"I am going to go and enjoy my life, it has been too stressful just thinking about my international career, performing in big tournaments like IPL.

"Hopefully I can just enjoy myself. Obviously, with the BCCI's permission, I would love to go and play this year. Next year I don't know."

"At this age, I can manage some kind of fun cricket," he added.

But fans want a proper farewell for one of the greatest left-handed Indian all-rounder of all time. Twitter is flooded with #YuviDeservesProperFarewell posts. All of his fans are sad from his retirement.

"I was told.. If you cannot pass the Yo-Yo test, then you could play a retirement match. I said I do not want a retirement match and if I do not pass the Yo-Yo test, I would go home. I passed the Yo-Yo test and the rest is not my call," he said.

Yuvraj Singh's fans presently need him to get an appropriate goodbye. Their feelings were additionally reverberated by Yuvraj Singh's dear companion and previous partner Rohit Sharma who said on Twitter: "You don’t know what you got till its gone. Love you brotherman You deserved a better send off."

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