Zimbabwe: 47 people killed in a bus collision

Zimbabwe: 47 people killed in a bus collision



According to a report by News Agency AFP, at least 47 people were killed in a head-on collision of two buses. At least 70 people are also reported to be injured. The accident happened along the Harare-Mutare road, as a police spokesperson said. One of two buses were heading towards the national capital Harare.


The dead includes at least two children, according to their local newspaper The Herald.


“The accident involved a Bolt cutter bus that was heading towards Mutare which collided with an express bus which was moving towards Harare,” Paul Nyathi, the police spokesperson said to The Herald.


“Police are still on the site to attend the accident scene,” he added.


As per the account of an eyewitness, the driver of the Express bus was trying to overtake a truck and in the process of overtaking, the bus entered into the lane of Bolt cutter bus. The bolt cutter was coming in speed from the opposite side. Both the driver and the conductor of Express Bus somehow managed to survive in the accident and fled away from the scene smelling that it was them who was at fault.


Zimbabwe’s deputy transport minister Fortune chasi tweeted to offer his condolence. He tweeted, “Totally needless loss of lives. This event should be the last before stern measures are taken to reign in public service vehicles and their owners.”


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