Unworthy friend Afridi slammed by Harbajan and Yuvraj for Anti-India comments

Unworthy friend Afridi slammed by Harbajan and Yuvraj for Anti-India comments

Former cricketers Harbajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh are regretting their assistance to Pakistani player’s charity as he passed anti-India comments. Anguished Harbajan Singh called Afridi unworthy of his friendship. He said, "It was Afridi who requested me and Yuvi to do a video in support of his foundation as spread of pandemic doesn't see religion or borders. But then he would time and again made anti-India comments”. Former cricketer also marked that, “I feel terrible that I even called him a friend. He is not a worthy human being who can be called a friend. I am done with calling Afridi a friend”.

While Yuvraj showed his agony through a tweet which can be read as, “Really disappointed by @SAfridiOfficial's comments on our Hon'b PM @narendramodi ji. As a responsible Indian who has played for the country, I will never accept such words. I will make an appeal on your behest for the sake of humanity. But never again.”

All this started when last month Afridi asked for the help from Harbajan and Yuvraj so both the cricketers posted the videos in support of his foundation which was for raising funds for the underprivileged affected by COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, in recent viral video Afridi can be seen accusing PM Narendra Modi for creating religious atrocities in India.

Answering question that does trolls affected him, Harbajan replied, “No, I won’t say it affected me because these are people who don’t matter in my life. I know the kind of person I am. I don’t need to prove love for my country”. He also added that, “yes, I understand one point. Had this been a charity for Wasim Akram and had I posted a video supporting him, I wouldn’t have been criticised or trolled. Because Akram never insulted my country”.

Among this hustle, many former and present cricketers showed their agony over twitter and Suresh Raina is no different. As the cricketer comes from Jammu & Kashmir, he echoed his sentiments through a tweet. He said, “Gosh! What all a person must do to remain relevant! Even more for a nation which lives on alms. So do something for your failing nation and leave #Kashmir alone. I am a proud Kashmiri and it is and always will remain inalienable part of India. Jai Hind!”.

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