19-year-old house helper found dead in Noida

19-year-old house helper found dead in Noida

Body of women was found stuck in between the pavement of high rise building in Noida. The incident took place at sector 76 Amarpali silicon city Noida. The body has been identified as a female of nineteen years old who was working as a full-time household helper to the couple residing in the apartment.

The maid was missing for 2 days and was last seen on 28 June, employer of the maid has gone to Gurgaon Haryana for some personal work and were unaware about the tragic incidence that happened on Tuesday. Her body was found hanging 120 feet above the ground lying in between the 1.5-foot space between the blocks of the building.  The high rise residential building in Noida where the incidence took place is on the16th floor.
The official said though further investigation is on the way in the first sight it looks like a murder case and police will investigate through this point of view only. The ream of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) was present on the spot to bring the body down. Officer present o the spot further added that the incidence took place in the morning itself and soon after called the PCR for the suspected dead body that was stuck on the 16th floor of the apartment.

The couple were completely unaware of the incidence and were alarmed by the local residents on call when the stretch of the aging dead body has spoiled the area near the C and D block of the apartment. They have been called to do the verification after which it got confirmed that the body was of their domestic helper. The body found has several injury marks and is in bad condition due to high humidity and intense heat.
NDRF official Jetendra Kumar Yadav led the team of 35 members on the spot to bring down the body. The whole operation took place from 12.30 to 2.30 pm on the same day. NDRF personals bring down the body after suspending themselves to the top with the help of a rope and cutting down the wall of a 16-floor tall building.

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