3000 budget hotels to shut doors on Chinese nationals

3000 budget hotels to shut doors on Chinese nationals

Delhi hotel and restaurant honors association on Thursday announced that the Chinese nationals ward no longer be provided accommodation ANR Innova 3000 hotels and the guest house across the city. the decision was taken along the lines of the call to Boycott Chinese products by the confederation of all India traders on Tuesday hotel association president Sandeep Khandelwal said.

The Chinese are not the world we can survive without them as well we are law-abiding citizens and no one will take law in their hands but this would make the Chinese world war and trade cannot happen at the same time he said.

While a majority of hotels have agreed with the decision he said no one will be forced to follow it added that the association would also try to get 5-star hotels on board the association's move comes at a time when the hospitality industry is already e d line under heavy losses due to lack of tourism and closure of hotels in the wake of the coronavirus shutdown. Sandeep Khandelwal admitted that several hotel owners are undergoing extreme stress as they are unable to pay pending bills loans and rent and the latest decision might not prove to be feasible in the long run all things depend upon government policy and the relation between countries.

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