Husband suspects illicit relationship of wife, Murdered daughter

Husband suspects illicit relationship of wife, Murdered daughter

A 30-year-old man has been arrested in the capital Delhi for allegedly strangling his four-year-old daughter. He did this murder because he suspected that there is an illegitimate relationship after the marriage of his wife and he does not want his child to be big in his influence.

The accused's name is Malkit Singh and he lives in the rented house with his wife and daughter in Uday Vihar, who is under the Nihal Vihar police station of Delhi. Malkit Singh's relationship with his wife was extremely stressful. There were often fights between the two. Due to constant suspicion due to illicit relationships, the couple planned to end their life and send their daughter to her grandparents.

The incident happened Tuesday and Wednesday night, when his wife slept, the accused reportedly tried to strangle her three-and-a-half-year-old daughter with her hand. However, when he failed, he strangled him with a scarf and later tried to hang himself. Meanwhile, his wife woke up and found her child dead in the room.

According to the police, there was a fight between husband and wife, during which Malkit threatened his wife that if she informs anyone of this incident, then she will kill him too.

After this, both the bodies of the child took the body of Malkit to Tilak Nagar where his parents live. Both told the elderly parents that the child was ill, which led to her death.

On Wednesday morning, the landlord of Uday Vihar house informed the police that Malkit Singh had killed his child. When the police reached the accused's house on the information of the case, they came to know that the couple had gone to Tilak Nagar.

A police officer said that the accused father was arrested from Tilak Nagar, while the child was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was declared dead. Police have registered the case after arresting the accused and started investigations to go to the bottom of the case.

During the police questioning, the accused Malkit told the police that he was suspected of having an illegal relationship with his wife and he did not want his daughter to be under his influence, so he decided to kill his daughter first and then kill himself.

According to the information, the accused is addicted to alcohol. He used to serve as a delivery boy in the Food Joint but left the job two months earlier after having failed in this work. The accused Malkit's wife has worked in several private firms. Both married in 2014.

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