The water crisis in Delhi, BJP blamed AAP

The water crisis in Delhi, BJP blamed AAP

The water crisis is turning into a political issue, the Congress said that AAP is not acknowledging the water-related problems in Delhi whereas (BJP) Bhartiya Janta Party slammed Delhi Jal Board(DJB) on the supply of water in at least 50% area in Delhi.

While the DLB  is claiming the situation is under control, BJP and Congress have blamed the AAP for not being able to deal with the city’s demand for water.

On the contrary, DJB said the situation in this year is still better as compare to past years as compare to other states.

Congress said the government of Kejriwal is not ready to accept the fact that people are actually going through the water crisis in the state. In an interview, Jitender Kochar-Congress spokesperson said we went to Kejriwal to discuss over the seriousness of the issue but the party is not ready to acknowledge over the problem of water and electricity prevailing in the city from a prolonged period of time.

During peak summer time people are forced to buy water from outside for drinking, and in a few rural areas, people wait in long queues in order to get water from tanks. The situations are even worse in areas where the supply of water through tanks is not easily accessible, he said.

DJB Vice Chairman Dinesh Mohaniya told in a defencing mode that there is no shortage of water but could be a management issue. Half of the city is getting water evenly on time, and the board is running t 104% of its capacity to meet the increasing demand of city comparing to other states and metros like Chennai and Mumbai which are facing 20% to 40% of cut off in electricity and water supply.

Mohaniya also added that the board is resolving the complaints as soon as they are receiving it.

BJP Rajya Sabha MP Vijay Goel also said that the city has enough power but the loophole is in management of AAP.

The temperature of Delhi is also touched the highest of all years to 48-degree Celsius. The city also faced the highest peak of ever power demand this season.

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