Peterson called Rishab’s shot “pathetic”, twitters comes to the rescue

Peterson called Rishab’s shot “pathetic”, twitters comes to the rescue

The newcomer in the Indian team 11 for the ICC World Cup series Rishab Pant playing at the number 4 spot has failed to impress fans as well as selectors in the semifinal match, as India stone down to 232 in Manchester on Wednesday, it brought criticism to some and fame to others.
Young batsmen decided to play sweep shot for six but ended up getting caught.
Although he is criticized for this shot selection, a remark from former skipper Kevin Peterson has hurt Indian fans, from his official Twitter account he tweeted “how many times have we seen Rishabh Pant do that, is there any reason, so pathetic”.
However, this does not go down well with other fellow cricketers and they came to defend Rishab over Twitter. The one to give the befitting reply to him was cricketer Yuvraj Singh who has played in World Cup victory of 2011, he tweeted “he has played only 8O ODI it’s not his fault, he will learn and get better it’s not pathetic at all however we all can share our opinions and emotions”.
 The vocal exchange between two top-notch cricketers extended further, Pietersen admitted that his criticism to Rishabh came out as the frustration and he hopes that Pant will learn the art of shot selection
In reply to the conversation, Yuvraj concluded that he agrees with Peterson and hopes that Rishabh Pant will shine soon.
After the exit from the World Cup 2019 Indian captain, Virat Kohli too has expressed his disappointment with the short selection of Pant but also admitted that he hopes 21-year-old will soon learn from his mistakes.
He said in a press conference “he is an instinctive player and did well to overcome the situation, creates a partnership with Hardik I think the way he played after the loss of four-wicket was commendable and on top of it he still Young”. I too made many mistakes when I was young in my career. When I look back at the certain shot played years back, I think probably I could have chosen a different option at that time’ he added.

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