Questions On National Film Award Announcement, Why Deserving Films Are Ignored

Questions On National Film Award Announcement, Why Deserving Films Are Ignored

The 66th National Film Awards have been announced recently. Films like Love Sonia, Manto, Tumbbad, Gali Gudiyan and Mulk were considered to be strong contenders for the prestigious award this year, but none of the names was announced. There is a stir on social media regarding this issue. The discretion of the announcing jury is constantly being questioned. In this regard, below are some opinions from some filmmakers who questioned these awards.
It doesn't matter if there is an award: Nandita
Nandita Das, the producer of the film Manto, who has won the Best Film Critic Award at the 64th Filmfare Awards, says that if you look at the list of National Awards of the last few years, commercial films are getting their own answers. I make films only when the inner pains of me are desperate to come out. When I have to say something For me, movies are a medium, not a destination. So there should be no award, it doesn't matter. '
 The jury might not like our film: Soham
On the basis of content and visuals, Soham Shah, the producer and hero of the film Tumbbad, who has flagged in the festival circuit of the country and abroad, says, it feels good to get the award. It has been a pleasure for the films that I have received. There is nothing for those who do not achieve. It is felt that more work is needed. The rest of the cinema is a subjective subject. The jury may not have liked our film, I have no problem with that. I cannot judge why the jury prefers commercial films. It is enough for us that we are getting people's love. The rest does not matter.
Our film is more loved at global level but got less appreciation in India: Mrinal Thakur
The popular film Love Sonia was screened in several countries. The lead actress of this film, Mrinal says We did not make this film with the intention of earning. Ten years of hard work was done in this. Somewhere there was not as much appreciation from India as the film was praised at the world level. Recently its screening was held in Tashkent, after seeing it there, a law was made against domestic violence. This film has changed many lives.

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