Koolchas- A new QSR restaurant in town.

Koolchas- A new QSR restaurant in town.

What is the first thought that occurs in your mind when you think about having a Kulche Chole at a roadside stall? A plate of hot, crisp, flaky and slathered generously with butter Kulche, served with a side of Chole and spicy chutney. Even though Indians are known for their love for street food, but the first thought of a Kulche Chole stall will evoke apprehensions regarding the hygiene, dust particles from the roadside, unwashed hands of the stall owner, etc. And, let's be real, whether you love it or hate it, but can't ignore it! Hence, to allay all those fears and help you really enjoy your food experience, Koolchas – a delicious new brand in the market with 25 different varieties of Koolchas along with 20+ dishes.

Launched by Mr. Gaurav Bahl and Ms. Sunila Bahl, the brand aims to serve fresh and tasteful dishes with Kulche, which are laden with the goodness of homemade spices and fresh vegetables. With an impeccable assurance of hygienic food, the dishes at Koolchas start at INR 49 and have already been dominating the Quick Meal scene with their 2 outlets 24*7 with Co-Working in   Gurugram, at Flavor Town, Bestech Chambers, Sushant Lok-1 and Sector 14, Huda Market, Gurugram.

Koolchas, incorporated in the year 2018, is a brand committed to serving the freshest Kulchas which are available in many homemade variants, along with other scrumptious food items ranging from side dishes to desserts.  Providing you the best service in terms of taste and value for money, the brand caters almost 400-500 servings daily from its outlets and food delivery apps and is on a mission to inspire every person who is fond of Koolchas to try their take on it, enticing them with new varieties and much more.


Koolchas believes that the foundation for success rests on 5 pillars, namely – Happiness, Quality, Processes, Innovation, and Branding. Happiness implies that customer satisfaction is their topmost priority, be it external or internal. Quality, as the name suggests, means that their brand never compromises when it comes to the quality of food served to the customers. Processes mean that all the dishes, prepared in their restaurants are recipe-driven and as much that they are first tested by the Co-Founder Mr. Gaurav Bahl, who then deems them to be concurrent with their service standards before being served to the customers. Innovation is a constant process, as Koolchas loves to experiment with their menu and comes up with creative ways to present scrumptious food to its patrons. Last but not the least, recognizing Branding to be essential for creating a lasting impact on their customers, they have picked a Kool-Kulcha, basically and of course a ‘Koolcha’  as their mascot.

Being a one-of-a-kind concept that serves roadside Kulche Chole, Koolchas doesn’t limit itself to just that and serves many more variants with their take on this popular street-food. With a well-reached range and innovative menu catering to multiple taste buds, they have definitely perfected the art of creating something for everyone. For example, they offer Star and Heart shaped Kulche for kids which is a really novel take on traditional Kulche and the attention to these small details is what sets Koolchas apart from the others.

A believer in the adage of ‘Happiness multiplies when you share it’ they have also taken up a Suspended Meal Initiative wherein a guest can leave the price of a meal with Koolchas and that money will be used to provide a meal to the destitute of food (now that’s a brand with a heart!). So, for a lip-smacking serving of a unique twist on a traditional street-food favorite, head over to Koolchas and you’ll surely keep coming back for more!



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