Self Quarantine - Boring or Reviving?

Self Quarantine - Boring or Reviving?

What do we do besides chores and daily routines? Cribbing for a vacation for six months twice a year right !! So why crib now that we are bored and captivated. I perceive this as an opportunity to let Mother Earth revive itself of all ill treatings by us humans.

We all know Italy is one of the most affected countries by the pandemic COVID-19 which is taking away people from their loved ones. But let us also rejoice that the canals of Venice have become crystal clear and dolphins have returned to spread positivity. The situation in India can still be brought under control. Being together without actually being together should be the ultimate motto.

Connect with people in your society by playing songs on the balcony and exercise and dance. Video call with friends and family. Enjoy the perks of technology along while having gratitude towards the silent, exhausted heroes “our medical staff". They need our support. Write positive letters showering support, strength, and love to the ones affected and to the unsung heroes. In these times worshipping to our savior and also keeping a calm attitude is prevention against all negativity.

God has proven that there is no force greater than him. He has brought together people from all religions, colour, caste in cohesion.


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