15 Year Old Child Demanded For Passive Euthanasia From President

15 Year Old Child Demanded For Passive Euthanasia From President

A teenage boy in Bhagalpur has been a victim of family feud and has demanded passive euthanasia permission after which the Prime Minister's Office asked the district administration to investigate the matter. Krish Kumar Mitra (15), son of Manoj Kumar Mitra, resident of Mahishamunda village under Kahalgaon police station of Bhagalpur district had sent a letter to the President about two months ago, frustrated with the family feud and demanded death. Krish has sent copies of the letter sent to the President, including the Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Bihar, to the top officials.

Government sources said on Tuesday that the district administration is investigating the matter on the instructions of the Prime Minister's Office. Krish has alleged that the harassment of the mother and the litigation by her and repeatedly threatened by anti-social elements, she is upset. In such a situation, he no longer wants to survive.

Krish's father Manoj, who is a cancer victim, is working as a District Manager in the Rural Development Department, Devghar while his mother Sujata is working as Assistant Manager in Indian Overseas Bank Patna.

Krish lives with his father and is studying in ninth grade student at Jasidih Public School. Manoj and his wife have been in a long dispute and both are living separately. Krish's grandfather, Sanjay Kumar Mitra, uncle and other family members have also completely treated the behaviour of his mother.

What is passive euthanasia?

The Supreme Court has allowed passive euthanasia. After which the patients who are suffering from ailments that are never recoverable and are living life in severe pain. He or she has been allowed to end his life with respect. But can anyone get euthanasia?

Let's know everything about passive or passive euthanasia.

In the Supreme Court, the constitutional bench of five judges led by Chief Justice of India Deepak Mishra has allowed 'passive euthanasia' and 'living will' with certain conditions. In his comment, the court said that the person who dies will be entitled to breathe the last breath. The court said that people have the right to die respectfully. Living Will 'is a written document in which a patient gives instructions beforehand how he should be treated if he is not in a condition to reach a dead state or if he is in a condition not satisfied. Passive euthanasia is the situation when life-saving support of a dying person is stopped or stopped. Although 'Living Will' means some people have feared that death can be done even on the will of death.

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