Delhi court issued a second death warrant for the convict of Nirbhaya case

Delhi court issued a second death warrant for the convict of Nirbhaya case

Second death warrants were issued by a Delhi court on Friday for the execution of the four convicts of Nirbhaya gangrape-murder case . Execution of the four convicts in the 2012 Nirbhaya gangrape-murder case on 01 February 2020 at morning 6 AM .Before second death warranty issued a first death were also issued by delhi court and first death warranty postpone because judge was hearing the plea by Mukesh Kumar Singh .

Mukesh, Vinay Sharma , Akshay Kumar Singh , and Pawan Gupta now hang on 1 February at 6 AM in morning. Mukesh and Vinay curative petitions have already been dismissed by the Supreme Court. Yet Akshay and Pawan have to chance to fill any curative petitions because they both not filed any curative petitions. And Vinay have the option of filing mercy petitions before the hanged because he not filed any mercy petitions.
On postpone of hanging , Nirbhaya's mother Said - “I will fight and I will keep struggling… I will wait,”.
Now jail authorities making preparations and staged mock hanging sessions using sandbags with new ropes.

President Ram Nath Kovind rejected the mercy plea of death row convict Mukesh Singh on Nirbhaya case and the President turned down the mercy plea, the home ministry sent it to the Delhi government.

Postponement of the hanging also triggered now political slugfest between BJP and AAP. Now both parties commenting -
On commenting on AAP Smriti Irani said that it was because of the AAP government in Delhi that the four death row convicts couldn't be hanged in a time-bound manner after their review petitions were dismissed by the Supreme Court in July last year. Where Arvind Kejriwal answered to BJP that for his part urged the BJP not to indulge in politics over the Nirbhaya case and instead work together in ensuring that justice in such cases is delivered at the earliest.

AAP supremo said that he feels sad that politics is being done on such an issue. For more news update stay with us.

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